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The Japanese Language NAT-TEST is an examination that measures the Japanese language ability of students

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The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) was developed in Japan, and has been offered since 1984 in

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Message from MD

Ms. Sonu Mahara Managing Director

A very warm welcome to Tokyo International Language Center! Being one of the most renowned Japanese Educational Consultancy, we have always been focusing on quality service since the date of its establishment.

Japan is one of the most prosperous and developed countries in the world. The diverse culture, natural beauty and most importantly the technological and educational advancement of Japan have fascinated people around the globe. And going to Japan and acquiring knowledge is a great opportunity for the people of the developing countries like ours.

We understand individual uniqueness and interest. As we are equipped with very experienced and highly qualified staff, we can guide you to make the best choice.

If you are looking for a right advising consultant to Japan, Tokyo International Language Center (TILC) is here to help you make the best decision.

At last, questioning and learning is what keeps people living and knowledgeable. So, visit our office to solve more queries about your dream destination country Japan.

Whether you need https://college-homework-help.org/ to do a research of an event, an individual, action or some kind of a place, this is we who will help you cope with it.

Recent News and Notices

Morning Class

A new class  7 am to 8 am is going to start from 10th of January,2016

Therefore, there is a need to have deep knowledge of a certain subject for passing https://college-homework-help.org/ this kind of exam

Day Class

A new class is  started  in the day time( 2 pm to 3 pm).

Also, it provokes further interest in students in regard to art works through the retrospective of https://college-homework-help.org/ its history, as well as gives the basic knowledge of world’s art history


We assure the best and affordable academic environment to fit in the world ranking universities to pursue your healthy and success career.

Our Testimonials

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I am made the great decision to choose higher education in Japan from Tokyo International
Urmila Kadayat, The Khowa, Japan
Thank you Tokyo International for guiding my career.
Dinesh Kumar Rawal